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Table 2 Details of bat contact experiences among 228 respondents who reported bat contact experiences (dependent variables)

From: Risk factors for bat contact and consumption behaviors in Thailand; a quantitative study

Bat contact experienceNo. of respondents who reported bat contact (%)a
Found dead bat(s) in house65 (28.51)
Found live bat(s) in house, community or tourist location128 (56.14)
Cleaned bat guano from house or the community78 (34.21)
Cleaned bat carcasses from house or the community45 (19.74)
Bat guano mining/ collecting46 (20.18)
Used bat guano25 (10.96)
Been bitten by a bat16 (7.02)
Consumed bats for food96 (42.10)
Other activities e.g. hunted bat(s), exposed to urine of bat(s)41 (17.98)
  1. amultiple responses