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Table 3 Demographic data for focus group discussions

From: Khat use and intimate partner violence in a refugee population: a qualitative study in Dollo Ado, Ethiopia

Participant TypeTotal # of WomenTotal #
of Men
Country of OriginAge Range
Length of Time in Camp
1Male (aged 15–25 years)08Somalia17–251–8
2Male & Female (26–45 years)44Somalia27–456
3Male (> 45 years)08Somalia48–826
4Female (15–25 years)80Somalia17–257–8
5Female (26–45 years)80Somalia25–456–8
6Female (> 45 years)80Somalia45–495–8
Other Groups
7Clan / Religious Leaders / Elders08Somalia25–806–8
8Health Workers17Ethiopia25–291–5
9UN / Non-Governmental Organizations26Somalia & Ethiopia21–491–6
10Community-based Organizations44Somalia27–508