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Table 2 Disclosure in different Environments

From: Mapping out a spectrum of the Chinese public’s discrimination toward the LGBT community: results from a national survey

Disclosure to family144970.1458948.4171849.9151647.5347.13<0.01
aDisclosure in school139067.3423844.7181552.8131441.2440.53<0.01
bDisclosure in workplace41236114521.331522.449625.41163<0.01
cDisclosure to religious group7324.733119.89419.413719.44.330.23
Disclosure in medical service155575.3735177.5278380.9239975.1393<0.01
Disclosure in social service1728.36897.32878.336811.556.73<0.01
  1. a: all samples received education, b: all samples had employment experience, c: all samples had religious affiliations