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Table 2 The mean scores (in percentage) of earthquake preparedness, constructs of Health Belief Model, and earthquake performance awareness of participants

From: Earthquake preparedness of households and its predictors based on health belief model

VariablesMean (SD)95%CI
Earthquake Preparedness30.03 (0.65)28.31–31.31
Perceived susceptibility68.67 (0.55)67.59–69.75
Perceived severity73.16 (0.77)71.65–74.61
Perceived benefits77.51 (0.69)76.15–78.87
Perceived barriers50.55 (0.52)49.53–51.57
Cues to action66.57 (0.45)46.46–65.67
Self-Efficacy60.79 (0.55)59.71–61.87
Earthquake performance awareness57.61 (0.71)56.21–59.02