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Table 1 Stressors of caregivers classified based on the socio-ecological framework

From: Burden of caregivers of children with cerebral palsy: an intersectional analysis of gender, poverty, stigma, and public policy

 Dimensions of the Socio-ecological framework
Individual stressorsInterpersonal stressorsCommunity stressorsEnvironmental stressorsHealth system and policy stressors
PhysicalThe burden of work and lack of rest
Physical aches and pains
Abusive husband, lack of physical support
Inability to give good care for other children
No physical support from community membersPhysical accessibility barriers
Difficulty in public transport facilities
EmotionalGuilt, blame, worry regarding the future of the child with a disabilityEmotional abuse by spouse
The guilt of not being able to care for other children
Sense of isolation in societyWorried about how to get around with the child 
SocialBlame by society on the parentsBlame by the society that she is not caring for the familyDiscrimination in societyNon-inclusive spacesLack of social support groups
FinancialUnable to work, the financial burden borne by the individual  Lack of job options that help the caregivers have flexible hoursDisability welfare support insufficient
InformationalLack of knowledge about caregiving options   Lack of support groups and information