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Table 2 Baseline participant characteristics according to study group

From: The transtheoretical model is an effective weight management intervention: a randomized controlled trial

VariablesUsual care control group (n = 35)Intervention Group (n = 51)p value
Socioeconomic variables
 Age (years)3555± 13.55152.0± 14.3.251
 Monthly income per capita ($)35250.00155.00–316.6651250.00157.20–375.00.612
 Education (years)354.03.0–11.0518.04.0–11.0.072
 Occupation (%)      .283
  Fixed income2262.92651.0
  Without fixed income1337.12549.0
Health variables
 Diabetes mellitus (%)720.01121.6 .883
 Arterial hypertension (%)1851.4 3160.8 .413
 Self-health perceptions (%)      .023
  Very good/Good2468.62243.1
  Moderate/Poor/Very poor1131.42956.9
 Body satisfaction (%)      .124
  Not satisfied2365.74282.3
 Attempted to lose weight in the last 6 months (%)2571.44180.4.613
 Physical exercise (twice a week or more) (%)3497.1 4996.1 0.793
Stages of change (%)
 Portion control      .913
 Dietary fat intake      0.574
 Fruit and vegetable intake      .693
 Physical activity      .013
  1. 1t student test, 2Mann-Whitney test, 3Chi-square test, 4Fisher’s exact test. Symmetric variables: mean ± standard deviation. Asymmetric variables: median (P25-P75)