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Table 4 Contribution of individual and community level determinants based on the decomposition of concentration index analysis for 3+ parity (EDHS 2014)

From: 3+ parity in Egypt: a multilevel decomposition of wealth-based inequality

AttributesCoef.AverageElasticityCIContribution to CI% Contribution
Full model
Predicted high parity1.585  − 0.126 
Individual level attributes
 Age (ref:30–34)
  40–440.6650.2210.097− 0.0050.0000.3
  45–490.8550.2100.118−0.009− 0.0010.7
 Having less than secondary education0.2210.4360.063−0.286−0.01812.8
 Husband with less than secondary education0.0610.3770.015−0.235−0.0042.5
 Low standard of living0.1420.4140.039−0.438−0.01712.0
 Marriage age < 180.7100.2870.134−0.272−0.03625.9
 Experienced child death0.0800.1340.007−0.233−0.0021.2
 Having unmet need0.1800.0960.011−0.094− 0.0010.8
Area level attributes
 First quartile of gendered context scale0.0970.2990.019−0.426− 0.0085.8
 First quartile of environmental context scale 0.1840.2120.026−0.491−0.0138.9
First quartile of health system0.4950.2170.071−0.445−0.03122.3