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Table 2 Average 3+ parity by its different determinants (EDHS 2014)

From: 3+ parity in Egypt: a multilevel decomposition of wealth-based inequality

Individual level attributes
 Age ***
 Educational attainment***
  Less than secondary1.94(0.021)
  Secondary or more1.19(0.012)
 Husband’s educational attainment***
  Less than secondary1.85(0.023)
  Secondary or more1.32(0.013)
 Proxy for wealth***
  Not having modern toilet facility1.93(0.021)
  Having modern toilet facility1.23(0.014)
 Wealth index***
 Age at first marriage***
   < 18 years2.22(0.026)
  18 years and older1.24(0.012)
 Experienced child death***
  No death1.44(0.012)
  At least one death2.02(0.040)
Unmet need***
Area level attributes
 Environmental development scale***
  Lowest quartile2.21(0.029)
 Gendered context scale***
  Lowest quartile2.12(0.028)
 Health system scale***
  Lowest quartile2.35(0.029)
  1. *** significant at α < 0.001