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Table 1 Factors associated with the presentation of the vaccination card to the interviewer - weighted logistic regression (Senegal DHS 2017 - n = 4032)

From: Vaccination card availability and childhood immunization in Senegal

 No vaccination cardn = 1059Vaccination cardn = 2973All n = 4032OR 95% CIpaOR 95% CIp
Age of the child at interview
 12–23 months (ref.)42.461.856.71 1 
 24–35 months57.638.243.30.45[0.39;0.52]< 0.0010.44[0.38;0.51]< 0.001
Sex of the child
 Male (ref.) NS 
Birth order
 1 (ref.)22.522.922.81 NS 
  > 245.341.742.60.91[0.76;1.09]0.281 
Mother’s age at child birth
 20 (ref.)48.549.048.81  
Mother’s educational level (missing = 3)
 No education (ref.)60.456.857.71 NS 
 Secondary or higher16.418.518.01.20[0.99;1.46]0.060 
Mother’s exposure to media
 Not at all (ref.) 1 
 Less than once a week17.919.118.91.74[1.32;2.31]< 0.0011.51[1.13;2.02]0.006
 At least once a week70.974.073.21.71[1.34;2.17]< 0.0011.23[0.94;1.60]0.126
Mother’s ethnic group
 Wolof (ref.)36.536.836.71 NS 
Household wealth quintile
 Middle (ref.)20.920.320.51  
Place of delivery
 At health facility (ref.)74.983.080.91   
 At home25.[0.52;0.73]< 0.0010.75[0.62;0.91]0.003
Mother attended antenatal care (missing = 84)
 No (ref.) 1 
 Yes96.198.898.13.24[2.04;5.13]< 0.0012.23[1.36;3.65]0.001
Postnatal check-up within 3 months (missing = 6)
 No (ref.)18.813.414.81 NS 
 Yes81.286.685.21.50[1.24;1.80]< 0.001 
Place of residence
 Urban (ref.)36.040.939.61 NS 
 North (ref.)17.116.316.51 1 
 West25.437.434.31.54[1.24;1.92]< 0.0011.48[1.18;1.86]0.001
  1. †: Crude odds ratios with 95% confidence intervals (bivariate analysis)
  2. ‡: Adjusted odds ratios with 95% confidence intervals estimated using a weighted logistic regression model. A stepwise approach was used to assess the iteration of variables and to control potential confounders
  3. NS: non statistically significant (p > 0.05) after stepwise selection
  4. Note: Potential endogeneity with “antenatal care” was tested using the Housman’s test. The variables “distance to health facility” and “permission to go to health facility” were used as instrumental variables. No significant endogeneity issue was detected (p = 0.43)