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Table 2 The characteristics of panelists

From: Development and validation of a short and easy-to-use instrument for measuring health literacy: the Health Literacy Instrument for Adults (HELIA)

SpecialtyAgeGenderProfessional responsibility
Public Health55MaleSenior Researcher
Health Education44MaleSenior Researcher
Health Education45FemaleResearch Fellow
Health Education43FemaleResearch Fellow
Health Education/Health Promotion50FemaleSenior Researcher
Health Education/Health Promotion40FemaleSenior Researcher
Health Care Management49FemaleSenior Researcher
Health Care Management45FemaleSenior Researcher
Health Care Management37FemaleSenior Researcher
Health Care Management46FemaleSenior Researcher
Mental Health50FemaleSenior Researcher
Oral Health35MaleResearch Fellow
Community Medicine45MaleSenior Researcher
General Practitioner45MaleResearch Fellow
Maternal and Child Health51FemaleSenior Researcher