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Table 1 Factors associated with being in HIV care at 12+/− 3 months, after release from French Guiana correctional facility (n = 132)

From: Returning to care after incarceration with HIV: the French Guianese experience

 HIV care (%)Crude IRR (95%CI)pAdjusted IRR (95%CI)p
 Yes (n = 59)No (n = 73)    
Chronology between ART and incarceration
- No ART on release25.774.3Reference Reference 
- ART started/restarted in prison50.050.01.9 (1.1–3.4)0.021.4 (0.8–2.4)0.20
- On ART while incarcerated79.420.63.1 (2.0–4.8)< 0.012.0 (1.2–3.0)< 0.01
Advanced HIV disease*67.332.72.1 (1.5–3.1)< 0.011.5 (1.0–2.1)0.04
Chronology between 1st positive HIV-test and incarceration
- Diagnosed outside custody63.636.4Reference Reference 
- Diagnosed in custody, before the last incarceration42.058.00.7 (0.4–1.0)0.030.8 (0.6–1.2)0.35
-Diagnosed during the last incarceration11.188.90.2 (0.5–0.8)< 0.010.3 (0.1–0.9)0.03
  1. *Defined by: previous AIDS illness (CDC stage C), or CD4 nadir < 200/mm3
  2. Cofactors tested but not retained after final analysis (p > 0·20) were: addiction, duration of the index incarceration, homelessness. Cofactors retained in the final analysis (p < 0.20) but not in the final model were: sex, re-incarceration, co-morbidity, psychiatric background, native from Surinam