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Table 5 output from step one models: regressions of overall green cover on chronic morbidity (*, ** and *** indicate significance at p < 0·05, 0·01 and 0·001 respectively). Parameters exhibiting negative beta values imply an inverse association with area-level chronic morbidity and, therefore, predict better health

From: Relationships between health outcomes in older populations and urban green infrastructure size, quality and proximity

 Income level
Younger neighbourhoodsßßß
 Income deprivation0·167*0·299***0·426***
 Barriers to Housing and Services Score0·249***0·657***0·564***
 Employment deprivation0·584***
 % Green cover−0·17**−0·234**
 Moran’s I0.212***0.072***0.136***
Mid-age range neighbourhoods
 Income deprivation0·303***0·227**
 Employment deprivation0·487***0·607***0·754***
 Barriers to Housing and Services0·19***0·075*0·157**
 % Green cover−0·131**
 Moran’s I0.163***0.106***0.497***
Older neighbourhoods
 Income deprivation0·388**0·209**0·123***
 Employment deprivation0·531***0·682***0·82***
 % Green cover−0·162***−0·138***
 Moran’s I−0.0890.239***0.369***