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Table 1 SAFE modules and functionalities

From: SAFE: an eHealth intervention for women experiencing intimate partner violence – study protocol for a randomized controlled trial, process evaluation and open feasibility study

My situation (module)Help (module)
Intimate partner violence (IPV)Help options
Relationships (healthy and unhealthy)Help database
Impact on childrenSafety
My health (module)My environment (module)
Physical healthSocial support
Mental healthContact
Symptoms and tipsDisclosing IPV
ContactAbout SAFE
Contact options with fellow survivors and victimsPatient information letter
Contact with community managersSafety measures
Chat, forum and diaryOrganizations involved
 Community managers
Additional functionalities (throughout the intervention when applicable)
Short videos (‘vlogs’) with survivors and professionals
Quotes and stories from survivors
Tips for books, films, activities etc.
  1. Note: The Minimal Intervention consists solely of the cursive components; the SAFE intervention consists of all mentioned components (cursive and non-cursive)