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Table 1 Distribution of Local Government Areas with Rapid Response Teams and facilities reporting IDSR by states in North eastern Nigeria, 2017

From: A rapid assessment of the implementation of integrated disease surveillance and response system in Northeast Nigeria, 2017

× 1,000,000
Number of Local Government AreasLocal Government Areas with Rapid Response TeamLocal Government Areas reporting IDSRTotal functional Health facilitiesHealth facilities reporting IDSRTotal functional private health facilitiesPrivate health facilities reporting IDSR
Adamawa3.22114 (66.7%)21(100%)793140 (17.7%)802(2.5%)
Borno4.22722 (85.2%)25 (93%)489339 (69.3%)292(6.9%)
Yobe2.3175 (29.4%)17 (100%)516127 (24.6%)181(5.6%)