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Table 6 Social return on investment (SROI) of public health interventions: Cross-cutting across the life course

From: The social value of investing in public health across the life course: a systematic scoping review

ReferencePublic health topicCountryPopulationAim of InterventionCrude SROI ratio for assessed time horizonQuality score
Envoy 2018 [30]General health and well-beingEnglandIndividuals in local communitiesCommunity Champions volunteer at a community centre/hub to promote the health and well-being of all residents.£5/£1 invested10
Jones 2012 [64]General health and well-beingEnglandPeople vulnerable to poor health through weight-related issuesTo promote healthier lifestyles for people vulnerable to poor health through weight-related issues. The services offer one-to-one and group tailored interventions to help people put into action their lifestyle goals.£5.42/£1 invested11
Shipley and Hamilton 2011 [65]General health and well-beingEnglandIndividuals attending courses which focus on leading healthier lifestylesTo increase the knowledge, understanding, awareness and information about health issues for those people who attend courses which focus on leading healthier lifestyles.£2.56/£1 invested10
Chin 2016 [66]Physical activityWalesDisabled individuals referred by their GPsTo improve the health and well-being by increasing the number of disabled people who are physically active.£44.56/£1 invested9
Greenspace Scotland 2013 [67]Physical activityScotlandHospital in-patients, people with learning disabilities, members of ethnic minorities and individuals referred by medical practitionersDevelop and promote walking opportunities across Glasgow, targeting groups least likely to take regular exercise, in order to increase physical activity levels and improve the health and well-being of city residents£8/£1 invested7
Lobley and Carrick 2011 [68]Physical activityScotlandGeneral populationTo encourage healthier and more physically active lifestyles addressing issues surrounding mental health, physical health and social well-being£4.40/£1 invested10
Jones et al 2016 [69]Healthy eatingEnglandGeneral populationTo promote a good food culture through supporting practical delivery and influencing delivery making£4.41/£1 invested11