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Table 5 Social return on investment (SROI) of public health interventions: Older adulthood

From: The social value of investing in public health across the life course: a systematic scoping review

ReferencePublic health topicCountryPopulationInterventionCrude SROI ratio for assessed time horizonQuality score
Bosco et al 2019 [58]Mental well-beingEnglandResidents of residential care homes, with and without dementiaTo experiment with the delivery of high-quality arts interventions in care homes, to understand the impact on quality of life, mental well-being and general health of stakeholders.£1.20/£1 invested10
Health Innovation Network 2015 [59]Mental well-beingEnglandIndividuals with dementia, carers, families and others associated with the group.To provide peer support for people with dementia through providing a facilitated environment for people to meet and socialise, with a variety of dementia appropriate activities to engage group members.Ranged from £1.17 - £5.18/£1 invested dependent on design and structure of the group7
House of Memories 2014 [60]Mental well-beingEnglandResidential carersTo provide health, social care and housing workforce with practical skills and resources to help people live well with dementia.£8.66/£1 invested9
Jones, Windle and Tudor Edwards 2018 [61]Mental well-beingEngland and WalesIndividuals living with dementiaA visual arts programme for people living with dementia to improve their mental health and well-being.£5.18/£1 invested10
Social Value Lab 2011 [62]Social isolation and lonelinessEnglandElderly populationTo reduce the isolation and loneliness experienced by older people, to enable them to make positive lifestyle changes.£8.27/£1 invested10
Stay Well at Home 2012 [63]Social isolation and lonelinessEnglandOlder people at risk of losing their independenceTo help older people maintain their independence and improve their quality of life.£11/£1 invested5