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Table 2 Social return on investment (SROI) of public health interventions: birth, neonatal period, postnatal period and infancy

From: The social value of investing in public health across the life course: a systematic scoping review

ReferencePublic health topicCountryPopulationAim of InterventionCrude SROI ratio for assessed time horizonQuality score
Hanafin et al. 2019 [31]BreastfeedingIrelandMothersGroups aimed to provide support, knowledge and advice to breastfeeding mothers and through that to improve maternal confidence and capacity to breastfeed.€15.85/€1 invested8
Arvidson, Battye and Salisbury. 2013 [32]Post-natal depressionEnglandFamilies affected by post-natal depression (PND)To provide high-quality community-based support to those affected by PND. To raise awareness of PND amongst health professionals. To recruit and train local people to provide volunteer-led support services.£6.50/£1 invested7