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Table 4 Gender minority stress and resilience (GMSR) measure summary statistics

From: Food insecurity and food pantry use among transgender and gender non-conforming people in the Southeast United States

SubscaleNMinMaxMean (sd)α
Gender-related discrimination105052.77 (1.45).60
Gender-related rejection105064.07 (1.48).55
Gender-related victimization105062.54 (1.93).79
Non-affirmation of gender identity10502418.83 (5.77).90
Internalized transphobia10503215.51 (8.81).90
Pride10503218.48 (7.85).88
Negative Expectations for the future (Gender history)7403623.29 (8.06).89
Negative Expectations for the future (Gender identity)3103628.57 (5.92).86
Nondisclosure (Gender history)7402012.13 (6.25).88
Nondisclosure (Gender identity)3102012.87 (5.43).83
Community connectedness10502012.19 (4.94).83