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Table 9 Overarching framework with all findings

From: Communication of children’s weight status: what is effective and what are the children’s and parents’ experiences and preferences? A mixed methods systematic review

 Timing of informationAvailability of informationAmount of informationSource of informationContent of informationInfluence between the relationship of information, the way it is communicated and action (using the health belief model)
Susceptibility of being overweightPerceived severityPerceived benefitsBarriers to addressing weight issues in schoolsCues to actionSelf-efficacy
Effect findings   E1bE2bE3bE10d  E4b 
   E6bE7bE9d   E5b 
    E8cE12c   E11c 
Qualitative findingsQ1bQ2cQ6bQ8bQ15bQ18b  Q21dQ22bQ24c
 Q3cQ7bQ9bQ16bQ19d   Q23bQ25a
 Q4d Q10dQ17dQ20b    Q26d
 Q5c Q11c       
  1. aHigh confidence in the finding
  2. bModerate confidence in the findings
  3. cLow confidence in the findings
  4. dVery low confidence in the findings