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Table 2 Double burden of malnutrition characterization in a sample of adults from rural South India

From: Socio-demographic patterning of the individual-level double burden of malnutrition in a rural population in South India: a cross-sectional study

Double burden characterizationMen
Anemia and overweight or obese4413.19423.1< 0.001
Anemia and pre-diabetes82.4256.20.01
Anemia and diabetes216.3245.90.84
Anemia and hypertension4012.06716.60.07
Stunted and overweight4312.65413.30.79
Stunted and pre-diabetes72.1153.70.19
Stunted and diabetes195.6163.90.29
Stunted and hypertension329.5409.90.85
  1. p-values are for differences in proportions between sexes using Pearson chi-squared test