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Table 1 Data parsing and cleaning for the program data

From: Do we need to reconsider the CMAM admission and discharge criteria?; an analysis of CMAM data in South Sudan

DescriptionNumber of records
Raw data15 Excel files4443
Exclude the overlapped recordsBased on name, weight, and height3603
First quality control6 exclusion criteria a3504
Second quality control4 exclusion criteria b3479
  1. a Exclusion criteria for the first quality control; (1) max (height) - min (height)> 5cm, (2) max (weight) - min (weight)> 5kg, (3) max (height)> 120cm (~mean+3SD of the data), (4) min (height)< 45cm(~mean-3SD of the data), (5) max (weight)> 20kg (~mean+3SD of the data), (6) min (weight)< 3kg(~mean-3SD of the data). b Exclusion criteria for the second QC; (1) WFH> 130(~mean+3SD of the data), (2) WFH< 50(~mean-3SD of the data), (3) z-score > 3, (4) z-score < -7