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Table 6 Estimated impacts of SP on health outcomes by SP typea

From: Impact of social participation on health among middle-aged and elderly adults: evidence from longitudinal survey data in China

(range: 10–70)(range: 6–24)(range: 5–20)
Coef. SECoef.SECoef. SE
Interacting with friends0.387 (0.315)−0.023(0.067)−0.059 (0.055)
Playing Mahjong, chess or cards, or going to community club1.167**(0.382)0.133(0.085)0.174**(0.067)
Providing helps1.263*(0.582)0.033(0.137)0.036 (0.101)
Going to a sport or other kind of club1.271 (0.662)0.173(0.153)0.262*(0.115)
Participating in a community-related organization1.294 (1.162)0.265(0.273)0.116 (0.203)
Doing voluntary or charity work−0.185 (1.749)0.066(0.450)0.290 (0.306)
Caring for a sick or disabled adult0.059 (1.826)0.308(0.452)0.044 (0.320)
  1. Note: a Based on LV2 models, controlled for two-wave-lagged health outcome, as well as covariates
  2. ***p < 0.001, **p < 0.01, *p < 0.05