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Table 2 Bivariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis of factors independently associated with utilization of maternal health service from UHE-ps, Ambo town, Oromia, Ethiopia, 2018

From: Maternal health service utilization from urban health extension professionals and associated factors among women who gave birth in the last one year in Ambo town, Oromia regional state, Ethiopia, 2018

VariableCategoryMaternal health service Utilization from UHE-PsCOR (95%CI)AOR (95%CI)
Yes: n (%)No: n (%)
Graduated as model familyYes24(24.7%73(75.3%)2.7(1.50–4.85)*2.4(1.20–4.78)*
Frequency of home visitMonthly or weekly17(38.6%)27(61.4%)9.3(3.13–27.72)*11.6(3.60–37.17)*
Every nine month5(6.5%)250(81.4%)11
Awareness on Pregnancy danger signYes49(18.9%)210(81.1%)3.9(1.79–8.510)3.8(1.62–8.92)*
Parityone delivery18(14.5%)106(85.5%)1.9(.79–4.60)2.8(1.06–7.61)*
two delivery19(19%)81(81%)2.6(1.09–6.36)*3.2(1.24–8.43)*
three delivery12(15.2%)67(84.8%)2(0.78–5.20)1.8(.64–4.87)
 > = 4 delivery8(8.2%)90(91.8%)11
  1. *= P < 0.05 Cut off point for ‘multiple logistic regression