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Table 1 Socio-Demographic characteristics of mothers, who gave birth in the last 1 year, Ambo town, Oromia, Ethiopia, 2018(n = 401)

From: Maternal health service utilization from urban health extension professionals and associated factors among women who gave birth in the last one year in Ambo town, Oromia regional state, Ethiopia, 2018

Age categories
 18–24 age11227.9
 25–34 age24561.1
 >=35 age4411
Mother’s occupation
 House wife27468.3
Husbands Occupation
 Un employed226.1
 Daily labor9326
Husband’s Educational status
 no formal education215.9
 Grade 1–89125.4
 Grade 9–128222.9
 College and above16445.8
 no formal education389.5
 Grade 1–815338.2
 Grade 9–129724.2
 College and above11328.2
monthly income