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Table 1 Vaccine wastage by antigen at outreach session level in the two districts

From: Documentation of vaccine wastage in two different geographic contexts under the universal immunization program in India

AntigenVial size (doses/vial)Doses administered (A)Doses issued (B)Vaccine usage rate C = (A/B) X 100Vaccine wastage rate D = (100-C)Vaccine wastage rangea (D, %)Wastage Factor E = 100/ (100-D)
 RVV pooled5/106043859570.329.710–90.81.4
 RVV pooled5/104741593179.920.18–72.81.3
  1. RVV-5 Rotavirus vaccine, 2.5 ml, 5 doses per vial and RVV-10 Rotavirus vaccine, 5 ml, 10 doses per vial
  2. aThe vaccine wastage levels at the outreach sessions across the different months