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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of adults living with visual impairment in Gondar, University Specialized Referral Hospital, Ethiopia (n = 328)

From: Self-reported fall and associated factors among adult people with visual impairment in Gondar, Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study

VariablesFrequencyPercent (%)
Age in years (mean age 56.46 ± 14.2)
 > 6410631.5
Marital status
 Not married103.0
 BMI (kg/m2) (mean 19.94 ± 2.15)
 Underweight (< 18.5)298.9
 Normal (18.5–24.9)23170.4
 Overweight (25–29.9)133.9
 Obese (> 29.9)51.8
 Civil servant298.8
Level of education
 No formal school19459.1
 Primary school7121.6
 Secondary school278.2
 Degree and above195.8
Income (ETB/month)
 <  100014042.7
 > 30003811.6
Family/social support
Smoking habit
 Past smoker51.5
 Current smoker103
Drinking alcohol habit
 Past alcoholic3911.9
 Current alcoholic9027.4
Physical exercise
  1. aDaily labor workers, students, BMI body mass Index, ETB Ethiopian birr