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Table 6 The association between different combinations of metabolic syndrome components and CHD

From: Effect of metabolic syndrome on coronary heart disease in rural minorities of Xinjiang: a retrospective cohort study

3Combinations of metabolic syndrome componentsNCHD, n (%)PHR b (95% CI)
 High TG+ low HDL-C+ elevated FBG170 (0)
 High TG+ low HDL-C + elevated blood pressure1054 (3.81)0.8511 (ref)
 Large waistline + elevated blood pressure + low HDL-C66312 (1.81)0.0021.62 (0.58–4.49)
 Large waistline + elevated blood pressure + elevated FBG13050 (38.46)< 0.0011.57 (0.50–4.94)
 Large waistline + elevated blood pressure + high TG12411 (8.87)0.0141.88 (0.60–5.84)
 Large waistline + elevated FBG+ high TG192 (10.53)0.1662.37 (0.43–12.99)
 Large waistline + elevated FBG+ low HDL-C482 (4.17)0.9982.39 (0.43–13.12)
 Elevated blood pressure + elevated FBG+ high TG241 (4.17)0.9980.83 (0.09–7.47)
 Elevated blood pressure + elevated FBG+ low HDL-C535 (9.43)0.0552.30 (0.62–8.58)
 High TG+ low HDL-C+ large waistline1945 (2.58)0.2600.94 (0.25–3.52)
4Elevated blood pressure + elevated FBG+ Low HDL-C+ high TG170 (0)
 High TG+ low HDL-C+ elevated blood pressure + large waistline30617 (5.56)0.2171 (ref)
 High TG+ low HDL-C+ elevated FBG+ large waistline344 (11.76)0.0274.26 (1.43–12.73)
 Elevated blood pressure + elevated FBG+ low HDL-C+ large waistline9713 (13.83)< 0.0012.23 (1.08–4.59)
 Elevated blood pressure + elevated FBG+ high TG+ large waistline416 (14.63)0.0012.20 (0.87–5.59)
  1. FBG fasting blood glucose, HDL-C high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, TG triglycerides, CHD coronary heart disease, HR hazard ratios, CI confidence interval. N is the number of participants in the combination of components. P is the result of Chi-square test of different combinations of components and coronary heart disease
  2. b Adjustment for alcohol consumption, smoking status, age, sex and family history of hypertension, family history of diabetes and family history of coronary heart disease