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Table 4 Differences in outcomes between the two group after propensity score matching

From: The characteristics of influenza-like illness management in Japan

QOL score
 Intercept0.6980.0174<  0.001
 Influenza ILI group−0.02310.02280.314
QALYs lost
 Intercept0.004130.000503<  0.001
 Influenza ILI group0.0006500.0006200.297
Duration of symptoms
 Intercept2.1890.250<  0.001
 Influenza ILI group0.4560.3460.192
 Intercept2.0990.277<  0.001
 Influenza ILI group2.0100.392<  0.001
  1. ILI influenza like illness, QOL quality of life, QALYs quality-adjusted life-years,
  2. SE standard error