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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of street dwellers in Southern Ethiopia, 2019 (n = 842)

From: Sexually transmitted disease among street dwellers in southern Ethiopia: a mixed methods study design

Age in years
 15–18 years24629.3
  ≥ 26 years18922.4
Marital status
 Single/never married52161.9
Educational status
 High school10212.1
 College and above111.3
Schooling status
 In school9711.5
 Out of school74588.5
With whom currently living
 Boyfriend/girl friend13516.0
Place of current residence
 Arba Minch11713.9
 Mizan Aman10812.8
Place of residence prior to starting street life
 Major urban town31337.2
 Small town36943.8
 Rural area16019.0
Type of street
 Street “on”27432.5
 Street “off”56867.5
Duration of stay on the Street
  < 5 years62173.8
 5–10 years16820.0
  > 10 years364.3
 Could not estimate172.0
Daily income in birr
  > 5165477.7