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Table 3 HPV vaccination coverage in the non-eligible population, in relation to the potential predictor factors. Prevalence Ratios (PR), crude and adjusted, with 95% confidence interval (95% CI)

From: Vaccination coverage rates and predictors of HPV vaccination among eligible and non-eligible female adolescents at the Brazilian HPV vaccination public program

 Non-eligible population
PR crude95% CIPR adjusted95% CI
Age (years)
 ≤ 151000  1,00*  
Ethnic group
 White1000  1000  
Maternal level of education
 < 9 years of schooling1000  1000  
 9–11 years of schooling0,9240,66212890,9230,6711271
 Some college10200,78313290,9530,7331239
 College graduate162712332147141910401937
Consumer goods and services score (tertiles)
 Lower1000  1000  
Type of school
 Private1000  1000  
Has had sexual intercourse
Number of sexual partners
 01000  1000  
 2 or more0,9630,759122210890,8451403
Age at first intercourse (years)
 Not applicable1000  
 9 to 1110600,3892887
 12 to 1411620,9191471
 15 to 190,8250,6611032
Condom use in most recent encounter
 Not applicable1000  
Condom use at first intercourse
 Not applicable1000  
Living/not living with parents
 Living with both parents1000  1000  
 Living with the mother only0,9900,762128610440,8041357
 Living with the father only0,5050,3060,8320,5090,3070,846
 Living with neither parent0,7660,54010880,8510,5921223
Parents attentive to the problems and concerns of the respondent
 Almost always/always1000  1000  
  1. *p trend < 0.001