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Table 1 Characteristics of healthcare workers on the prevalence of occupational exposure to HIV infection in PMTCT sites, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

From: Occupational exposure to HIV among healthcare workers in PMTCT sites in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Socio-demographicsNExperienced occupational exposurePercent
Health care provider in PMTCT sites33715345.40
Age (Years)
  ≥ 40103106.7154.7
Mean age ± SD (years) 35.89 ± 8.4 
Occupational cadre
 Environmental health worker982020.4
 Laboratory scientist/technician522548.1
Educational qualification
 At most Primary23523.8
Years of experience
  < 10 years2128942.0
  ≥ 10 years1256451.2
Facility type
Average working hour per week
  < 40 h914650.5
  ≥ 40 h24610743.5