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Table 1 Background characteristics of the participants (N = 689)

From: Low willingness to pay for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among men who have sex with men (MSM) in China

ItemsN %
Mean ± SD
 Age (years old)
   > 3316423.8
 Highest education obtained
  Middle school or lower558.0
  High school10214.8
  Three-year college13719.9
  Bachelor’s degree or above39557.3
 Marital status
  Married (male-female marriage)9213.4
  Having boyfriends17926.0
 Type of job
  Full time43863.6
  Part time304.4
 Personal monthly income (USD)
   < 1417611.0
   > 1415639.1
 Self-identified sexual orientation
 Age of first homosexual intercourse (years old)
   < 17689.9
   > 307010.2
Health status and service utilization
 Self-rated health status
  Poor/very poor172.5
  Just fine19828.7
  Good/very good47468.8
The history of STI infection (Yes)547.8
HIV status
HIV testing ever (Yes)56381.7
Intention to test HIV status in the next six months
  Low intention20529.8
  High intention48470.2
Full disclosure of sexual orientation to hospital doctors (Yes)446.4
Full disclosure of sexual orientation to CDC officers (Yes)28941.9
Full disclosure of sexual orientation to NGO peers (Yes)13619.7
Overall disclosure of sexual orientation to health professionalsa(0–3)0.68 ± 0.87
  1. STI sexually transmitted infection, CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NGO Non-governmental Organization.
  2. aThe Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.534, and 1 factor explained 52.4% of the total variance;