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Table 1 Study characteristics

From: Associations of self-reported physical activity and anxiety symptoms and status among 7,874 Irish adults across harmonised datasets: a DEDIPAC-study

 TILDA (n (%))Mitchelstown (n (%))P-value
Age (years)
 < 50267 (4.2)a2 (0.1)b< 0.001
 50–592571 (40.4)a852 (56.9)b
 60–691995 (31.3)a621 (41.5)b
 70–791162 (18.2)a23 (1.5)b
 80+374 (5.9)a0 (0.0)b
 Male2779 (43.6)a720 (48.1)b0.002
 Female3597 (56.4)a778 (51.9)b
Body Mass Index
 Underweight26 (0.5)6 (0.4)0.281
 Normal1131 (22.5)354 (23.7)
 Overweight2166 (43.1)667 (44.6)
 Obese1700 (33.8)468 (31.3)
 Primary1611 (26.9)a351 (24.7)a0.002
 Secondary2669 (44.6)a706 (49.8)b
 Tertiary1700 (28.4)a362 (25.5)b
Marital status
 Married/ living with a partner as if married4676 (73.3)a1180 (78.9)b< 0.001
 Single (never married)541 (8.5)a129 (8.6)a
 Separated250 (3.9)a64 (4.3)a
 Divorced145 (2.3)a33 (2.2)a
 Widowed764 (12.0)a89 (6.0)b
 Never2820 (44.2)a726 (49.8)b< 0.001
 Past2457 (38.5)a517 (35.4)b
 Current1099 (17.2)a216 (14.8)b
Meeting PA Guidelines
 Yes3057 (47.9)a460 (30.7)b< 0.001
 No3319 (52.1)a1038 (69.3)b
PA Categories
 Low3319 (52.1)a1038 (69.3)b< 0.001
 Moderate440 (6.9)a87 (5.8)a
 High2617 (41.0)a373 (24.9)b
Walking categories
 Low2839 (44.5)a914 (61.1)b< 0.001
 Moderate1394 (21.9)a281 (18.8)b
 High2143 (33.6)a301 (20.1)b
  1. Different subscript letters indicate a subset of each category whose column proportions differ statistically significantly at the 0.05 level