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Table 8 Key thematic areas of FGD and KII guides

From: Home-grown school feeding: assessment of a pilot program in Nepal

Themes Focus of questions
Design and Implementation of SMP A. Social protection and targeting: Universal coverage/geographic targeting/ individual targeting
B. Program strategy focus, expected short-term and long-term impact (agriculture/ education, nutrition/health)
C. Modalities, food baskets and nutritional norms
D. Food procurement, transportation, storage, and preparation (several feeding supply chain models, check page 9–10, Global Feeding Sourcebook)
E. Processing, preparation and distribution
F. Links with local food production, small holder farmers, and local communities
Policy and legal framework A. Policy/regulatory environment (such as international/ national treaties on school feeding and food security/nutrition etc)
B. Source of governance (plans, guidelines, policy, law)
C. Regulation system and its benefits
D. Trade-offs (such as decentralized/ centralized, regulatory models)
Institutional arrangement A. Capacity at national/subnational/ school levels to perform the designated function
B. Coordination mechanisms with other government sectors and partners C. Resource tracking, reporting and monitoring
Funding and budgeting A. Infrastructure investments (e.g. kitchen, dining hall)
B. Kitchen equipment and utensils (stove, pots, pans, plates, etc.)
C. Cost per meal portion
D. Cost of nutrition sensitive learning program
E. Cost of training provided
F. Other costs
Community participation A. Community involvement during implementation of school feeding program
B. Key roles of the community in school feeding program
C. Opportunity and benefits of community participation
D. Effective participation of community participation
E. Accountability and sustainability of community participation
Evidence of program impact A. Any evidence generated for SMP program impact in Nepal? Reports? Publications
B. Any plan or current activity for impact assessment?
C. How the evidence (if generated) has/will be used?