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Table 7 Ordered logistic regression analysis affecting OOPs of AIDS patients

From: How were situations of preventive and curative care expenditure for AIDS and medical burden of patients? Research based on "System of Health Accounts 2011"

 bSbWald χ2POROR 95% CI
  > 60 years−1.2140.4278.0720.0040.300.130.69
 51-60 years−0.5130.4371.380.240.600.251.41
 41-50 years− 0.0310.4440.0050.9440.970.412.31
 31-40 years−0.0690.5010.0190.8910.930.352.49
  < 30 years    1  
 Urban employee insurance−4.7020.86429.627< 0.0010.010.000.05
 Insurance for urban and rural residents−2.0440.8346.0080.0140.130.030.66
 Self-paying    1  
Opportunistic infection
 No    1  
 Yes4.3240.68639.75< 0.00175.4919.69289.74
Length of stay0.0550.0179.9660.0021.061.021.09