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Table 2 Descriptive statistics of the participants (N = 59)

From: Peer crowd-based targeting in E-cigarette advertisements: a qualitative study to inform counter-marketing

Peer CrowdaTotalGenderTobacco Products used in the past 30 days
FemaleMaleCig onlybE-cig onlybCig & E-cigCig & SLTCig & E-cig & SLT
Young Professional1321100715
Hip Hop21100200
  1. Cig Cigarettes, E-cig E-cigarettes (including cigalikes, medium vapes/vape pens, or large vapes/tanks/mods), SLT Smokeless tobacco
  2. a Due to the unavailability of the e-cig advertisement targeting Country peer crowd, those who identified most strongly with Country were assigned to second-highest scored peer crowd
  3. b Participants who reported poly-use status at earlier screener, but single-use at baseline survey prior to the interview