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Table 1 Participants’ background characteristics (n = 993). Un weighted and weighted Per cent distribution of participant’s background characteristics, EPO project 2017

From: Feasibility of home-based HIV counselling and testing and linking to HIV services among women delivering at home in Geita, Tanzania: a household longitudinal survey

 Not weightedWeighted
Education a
 No formal education34234.5032432.60
 Did not complete primary school20620.8021721.80
 Primary education40240.5039339.60
 Secondary education414.10545.40
 Higher education10.1050.50
Marital statusa
 Married/In union85187.1087089.10
Ward of residence
 Small-scale farmers95996.5895496.06
 Self-employed business292.92363.60
 Salaried employee50.5030.34
Number of children
Covered by health insurancea
Is the usual health facility you access far?
Place of last delivery
 Health facility43944.2042843.10
Attended ANC in the last pregnancy
HIV test at ANC visit (n = 957/946)
HIV results at ANC visit (n = 729/773)a
  1. aMissing values