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Table 2 Men’s and women’s mortality by sickness absence (SA, leading variable measured in quartiles): Percent of all person/years

From: Sick leave absence and the relationship between intra-generational social mobility and mortality: health selection in Sweden

 All mortalityCancer-related mortalityCVD-related mortalitySuicide
 N deaths25,351972475701917
  No SA0.
   < 25% SA0.
  25–50% SA0.410.170.100.04
  50–75% SA0.630.300.140.05
   > 75% SA1.210.600.260.07
 chi2 p-value0.00000.00000.00000.0000
 N deaths24,77215,82636521097
  No SA0.
   < 25% SA0.
  25–50% SA0.
  50–75% SA0.330.230.040.02
   > 75% SA0.800.610.060.03
  chi2 p-value0.00000.00000.00000.0000