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Table 5 measures of components of variance and heterogeneity on unscheduled contraceptive discontinuation, multilevel logistic regression analysis EDHS 2016, January 2018

From: Reasons and multilevel factors associated with unscheduled contraceptive use discontinuation in Ethiopia: evidence from Ethiopian demographic and health survey 2016

Measure of general Contextual effect
 PCV 29.68%62.20%67.21%
 AUC % (95%CI)75.35 (0.73835, 0.76859)72.91 (0.71338, 0.74448)69.89 (0.68255, 0.71530)70.29 (0.68659, 0.71917)
MODEL Selection
 AUC% (Fixed effect only)Reference59.9463.1364.83
Log-likelihood (LR-test p-value)− 2611.6929 (0.0000)− 2567.79 (0.0000)− 2541.3073 (0.0000)− 2510.104 (0.0002)
  1. ICC intra-class correlation, MOR median odds ratio, Var random intercept variance, PCV proportional change in variance, AUC area under the curve, AIC akaki’s information criteria, CI confidence interval