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Table 6 Test–retest reliability of sitting times and PA-related values measured using data obtained with m-WLAQ at sitting times 1 and 2 (n = 97)

From: Workers’ physical activity data contribute to estimating maximal oxygen consumption: a questionnaire study to concurrently assess workers’ sedentary behavior and cardiorespiratory fitness

Sittting time
 Commuting time0.670.54–0.77
 Working time0.940.91–0.96
 Leisure time on workday0.790.70–0.85
Exercise frequency
 Leisure time on workday0.780.69–0.85
Exercise duration
 Leisure time on workday0.820.68–0.90
PA or Exercise intensity
 Working time0.750.65–0.83
 Leisure time on workday0.550.29–0.73
PA score0.870.82–0.91
  1. CI confidence interval, ICC intraclass correlation coefficient, PA physical activity, m-WLAQ modified Worker’s Living Activity-time Questionnaire