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Table 1 Spirit flow diagram

From: The FANMI (“my FAMILY” in Creole) study to evaluate community-based cohort care for adolescent and young women living with HIV in Haiti: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Eligibility screeningX             
Informed ConsentX             
Alive and in care at 12 months             X
Number of care visits attended             X
Demographic informationX           X 
HeightX           X 
WHO StageX     X     X 
HIV related diagnosesXXXXXXXXXXXXX 
HIV knowledge and beliefsX           X 
HIV-related stigmaX           X 
HIV disclosureX           X 
Social and family supportX           X 
DepressionX           X 
Alcohol and drug useX     X     X 
Sexual risk behaviorX     X     X 
Food insecurityX           X 
ART adherenceX     X     X 
Plasma HIV-1 RNA levelX     X     X 
CD4 T cell countX     X     X 
Tenofovir-DP level      X     X 
Sexually transmitted infectionsX     X     X 
PregnancyX     X     X 
Health care utilization and costsX     X     X