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Table 1 Quantitative content analysis of 76 blog posts

From: Reframing healthy food choices: a content analysis of Australian healthy eating blogs

Assessment Criteria% (a)
 Purpose explicitly stated97%
 Purpose implied3%
Content Knowledge
 Procedural knowledge (90–100%)64%
 Mainly Declarative with at least 40% focusing on procedural knowledge17%
 Declarative Knowledge (90–100%)11%
 Not applicable8%
Adherence to the Australian Dietary Guidelines
 Explicitly adheres43%
 Somewhat adheres17%
 Does not adhere7%
 Not applicable33%
Writing Style
 Conversational and active voice100%
 Somewhat conversational and active0%
 Passive voice0%
 Use of common words, technical jargon explained and use of imaginary100%
 Use of common words and technical jargon not explained0%
 Use of uncommon words and extensive jargon is used 
 Illustrations are used, layout is consistent, visual cues, adequate white space and appropriate use of colour 
 Some criteria of the above are present0%
 Layout is uninviting or hard to read0%
  1. (a) Percentage of blog posts relating to each criterion