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Table 3 Correlation between social capital, health literacy, physical activity and nutrition

From: The impact of social capital on physical activity and nutrition in China: the mediating effect of health literacy

 12345678 participation1       
2. social networks0.500**1 support0.549**0.482**1     
4.control over life0.257**0.337**0.564**1    
5.feelings about the community0.212**0.302**0.486**0.571**1 literacy0.228**0.135**0.293**0.161**0.164**1  
7.physical activity0.556**0.436**0.594**0.353**0.377**0.326**1 
  1. *P < 0.05;
  2. **P < 0.01;
  3. All P values are two-tailed