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Table 1 Descriptive Statistics (n = 296)

From: Migration to the US among rural Puerto Ricans who inject drugs: influential factors, sources of support, and challenges for harm reduction interventions

Variable% / MeanStd. Dev.MinMax
Female10% 01
Income 10 k+10% 01
 Less than HS46.96% 01
 HS34.46% 01
 More than HS18.58% 01
Marital Status
 Single47.3% 01
 Sep/Div/Widowed31.1% 01
 Together21.6% 01
Know other PWID who Have Moved or Plan to Move to Continental US75.3% 01
HIV: Most Recent Status
 Never Tested (Unknown)14.5% 01
 Negative81.4% 01
 Positive4.1% 01
HCV: Most Recent Status
 Never Tested (Unknown)23.3% 01
 Negative27.0% 01
 Positive49.7% 01
Previously Lived in the Continental US64.9% 01
Number of Times Lived in the Continental US1.262.00020
Planning on Moving to Continental US49.0% 01