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Table 1 Nutrient composition of the supplementary foods

From: Research protocol local ingredients-based supplementary food as an alternative to corn-soya blends plus for treating moderate acute malnutrition among children aged 6 to 59 months: a randomized controlled non-inferiority trial in Wolaita

Nutrient100 g of LIBS with 25.2 g of sugar plus 8 ml oil150 g of CSB+ with 16 ml of oil
Energy (kcl)698.5763.98
Protein (gm)22.620.25
Fat (gm)40.8930.76
Iron (mg)8.16
Zn (mg)5.67.5
Calcium (mg)100195
Phosphorous (mg)470.55300
Potassium (mg)666.14600
Magnesium (mg)394.7107.75
Sodium (mg)84.641.25
Folic acid (μg)49.490
  1. Note: Nutrient values for the LIBS ration were calculated by using the USDA food composition database and NutriSurvey software. Nutrient values for the CSB+ was adapted from Amegovu KA, Ogwok P, Ochola S, Yiga P, Musalima HJ, Mutenyo E. Formulation of sorghum-peanut blend using linear programming for treatment of moderate acute malnutrition in Uganda. J Food Chem and Nutr. 2013; 1(2):67–77
  2. Abbreviations: LIBS Local ingredients based supplement, USDA United States Department of Agriculture and CSB+ Corn soy blend plus