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Table 4 The major domains of risk factors associated with the study group acquiring parasitic infections: demography; socioeconomic status (SES); hygiene and behavior

From: Prevalence of selected intestinal protozoan infections in marginalized rural communities in Palestine

 VariableCategoryPositiveNegativeTotalCOR (CI 95%)P-valueAOR (CI 95%)P-value
 SexMale2420441.8 (0.82–3.95)0.070.42(0.15–1.22)0.11
 Age< 14 yrs3227592.61(1.05–6.45)*0.038*0.36(0.11–1.12)0.07
 > 14 yrs102232    
 Size of family< 72790.3 (0.06–1.5)0.151.37(0.15–11.8)0.77
 Level of education, HOH< 12 yrs3542770.83 (0.33–2.09)0.350.71(0.09–2.51)0.75
 > 12 yrs121224    
 Level of education, mother< 12 yrs1968870.85 (0.28–2.63)0.390.51(0.03–6.76)0.61
 > 12 yrs21214    
 Monthly income< 20002645710.47 (0.17–1.29)0.1622.7(1.5–337)0.023**
 > 200011920    
 Meat consumption<= 1 /wks1921401.07 (0.48–2.37)0.440.74(0.15–3.57)0.71
 2 > 1 /wks283361    
Hygiene and Behavior
 Toilette, typePit3029591.52 (0.68–3.39)0.160.73(0.13–4.1)0.72
 Wash hand before mealAlways1213251.21 (0.48–3.04)0.35
 Wash hands after toiletteAlways1717341.42 (0.60–3.32)0.22
 Rats/mice in houseYes2323461.35 (0.61–2.97)0.231.23(0.29–5)0.77
 Source of drinking watertap in house3951900.27 (0.07–1.15)0.080.17(0.01–2.1)0.18
 tap in yard8311    
 Beatles in houseYes3871791.33 (0.51–3.49)0.280.56(0.34–126)0.21
 Dirty nailsYes1721380.91 (0.41–2.03)0.420.30(0.03–2.5)0.27
 Wear shoes in yardYes86141.93 (0.59–6.37)0.15
 Eat raw vegetablesAlways4553980.87 (0.04–4.84)0.450.55(0.01–18)0.74
  1. * Significant by crude odds ratio (COR) with Mid-P test at P value ≤0.05 ** significant by adjusted odds ratio (AOR) with multivariate logistic regression model at P-value ≤0.05: HOH, Head of Household; SES, Socioeconomic Status; COR, Crude Odds Ratio; AOR: Adjusted Odds Ratio