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Table 1 The table shows the inter-relationship between the sub-categories, the categories and the theme

From: Living in the shadow of unemployment -an unhealthy life situation: a qualitative study of young people from leaving school until early adult life

+ Free from schoolPerceiving relieve and hopeLiving in the shadow of unemployment – un unhealthy life situation
+ Getting a job
+ Earn own money
+ Dreams about the future
+ Feel fine
- Job applications rejectedNoticing set-backs and disappointment
- No money
- Dependency
- Distrust
- Disappointment
- Passive life-stylePerceiving hopelessness and resignation
- Lack of money
- Deteriorating self-confidence
- Intense smoking and drinking
- Bad eating habits
- Stress-related health symptoms
- Mental health symptoms
- Negative mood
+ Required to help mothersPerceiving caring responsibilities
+ Structuring the day
+ Reduced night-life drinking
+ A pause from working life demands
+ Social acceptance
+ Sense of being neededPerceiving hope and social worthiness
+ Being trusted and given responsibilities
+ Structuring of the day
+ Feelings of pride
+ Restrict late nights drinking
-Experiencing job insecurityAccepting adverse work situations
-Perception of stress
-Work-related injuries and illness
  1. + denotes experiences associated with positive health, − experiences associated with deteriorated health