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Table 3 Percentage of use of anabolic steroids according to monitoring by a nutritionist and use of supplements

From: Prevalence and profile of users and non-users of anabolic steroids among resistance training practitioners

VariablesTotal n (%)Gnu n (%)Gex n (%)Gus n (%)Gfu n (%)p
 Yes1654 (28.7%)1243a (25.9%)203b (38.7%)119c (61.3%)89b (35.6%)0.0001
 No4119 (71.3%)3561a (74.1%)322b (61.3%)75c (38.7%)161b (64.4%)
 Yes2334 (40.4%)1612a (33.6%)384b (73.1%)174c (89.7%)164d (65.5%)0.0001
 No3439 (59.6%)3192a (66.4%)141b (26.9%)20c (10.3%)86d (34.4%)
 Protein2143 (91.8%)1455a (90.3%)364b (94.8%)169b (97.1%)155a.b (94.5%)0.0001
 Amino Acid807 (34.6%)446a (27.7%)180b (46.9%)104c (59.8%)77b (47.0%)0.0001
 Maltodextrin463 (19.8%)259a (16.1%)94b (24.5%)68c (39.1%)42b (25.6%)0.0001
 Pre-workout supplement801 (34.3%)466a (28.9%)164b (42.7%)98c (56.3%)73b (44.5%)0.0001
 Other346 (14.8%)200a (12.4%)69b (18.0%)40b (23.0%)37b (22.6%)0.0001
  1. Z-test for proportions. a,b,c: different letters in the row indicate significant differences (p < 0.05). Chi square test for p value