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Table 2 Percentage of use or non-use of anabolic steroids according to training characteristics

From: Prevalence and profile of users and non-users of anabolic steroids among resistance training practitioners

VariablesTotal n (%)Gnu n (%)Gex n (%)Gus n (%)Gfu n (%)p
Duration of bodybuilding
  < 6 months1298 (22.5%)1246a (25.9%)21b (4.0%)6b (3.1%)25c (10.0%)0.0001
  ≥ 6 months and < 1 year821 (14.2%)753a (15.7%)24b (4.6%)6b (3.1%)38a (15.2%)
  ≥ 1 year and < 3 years1328 (23.0)1139a (23.7%)70b (13.3%)34b (17.5%)85c (34.0%)
  ≥ 3 years2326 (40.3%)1666a (34.7%)410b (78.1%)148b (76.3%)102c (40.8%)
Frequency per week
 2 times437 (7.6%)420a (8.7%)8b (1.5%)2b (1.0%)7b (2.8%)0.0001
 3 times1237 (21.4%)1163a (24.2%)44b (8.4%)6c (3.1%)24b (9.6%)
 4 times1526 (26.4)1328a (27.6%)121b (23.0%)22c (11.3%)55a.b (22.0%)
 5 or more times2573 (44.6%)1893a (39.4%)352b (67.0%)164c (84.5%)164b (65.6%)
 Hypertrophy2953 (51.2%)2177a (45.3%)398b (75.8%)172c (88.7%)206c (82.4%)0.0001
 Weight loss2326 (40.3%)2082a (43.3%)132b.c (25.1%)40c (20.6%)72b (28.8%)0.0001
 Resistance2183 (37.8%)1972a (41.0%)133b (25.3%)29c (14.9%)49b.c (19.6%)0.0001
 Strength2001 (34.7%)1673a (34.8%)179a (34.1%)65a (33.5%)84a (33.6%)0.946
 Other474 (8.2%)423a (8.8%)41a (7.8%)5b (2.6%)5b (2.0%)0.0001
Practicing another activity
 Yes3161 (54.8%)2699a (56.2%)272a (51.8%)80b (41.2%)110b (44.0%)0.0001
 No2612 (45.2%)2105a (43.8%)253a (48.2%)114b (58.8%)140b (56.0%)
  1. z-test for proportions. a,b,c: different letters in the row indicate significant differences (p < 0.05). Chi square test for p value