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Table 1 Profile of the study participants

From: Prevalence and profile of users and non-users of anabolic steroids among resistance training practitioners

VariablesTotal n (%)Gnu n (%)Gex n (%)Gus n (%)Gfu n (%)p
 Male3297 (57.1%)2546a (53.0%)400b (76.2%)159b (82.0%)192b (76.8%)0.0001
 Female2476 (42.9%)2258a (47.0%)125b (23.8%)35b (18.0%)58b (23.2%)
 18 to 29 years2836 (49.1%)2291a (47.7%)258a.b (49.1%)109b (56.2%)178c (71.2%)0.0001
 30 to 44 years2108 (36.5%)1725a (35.9%)245b (46.7%)74a (38.1%)64c (25.6%)
 45 to 59 years722 (12.5%)682a (14.2%)22b (4.2%)11b (5.7%)7b (2.8%)
  ≥ 60 years107 (1.9%)106a (2.2%)0b (0%)0b (0%)1a.b (0.4%)
Marital Status
 Single3296 (57.1%)2654a (55.2%)327b (62.3%)115a.b (59.3%)200c (80.0%)0.0001
 Married2131 (36.9%)1839a (38.3%)180a (34.3%)69a (35.6%)43b (17.2%)
 Divorced306 (5.3%)272a (5.7%)17b (3.2%)10a.b (5.2%)7a.b (2.8%)
 Widow40 (0.7%)39a (0.8%)1a (0.2%)0a (0.0%)0a (0.0%)
 CHE2865 (49.6%)2416a (50.3%)269a (51.2%)99a (51.0%)81b (32.4%)0.0001
 IHE1156 (20.0%)917a (19.1%)116a (22.1%)47a.b (24.2%)76b (30.4%)
 CHS1270 (22.0%)1066a (22.2%)94b (17.9%)32a.b (16.5%)78c (31.2%)
 IHS212 (3.7%)180a (3.7%)16a (3.0%)4a (2.1%)12a (4.8%)
 CBE182 (3.2%)153a (3.2%)19a (3.6%)7a (3.6%)3a (1.2%)
 IBE88 (1.5%)72a.b (1.5%)11b (2.1%)5b (2.6%)0a (0.0%)
Socioeconomic Class
 Class A1732 (30%)1429a (29.7%)165a.b (31.4%)74b (38.1%)64a (25.6%)0.0001
 Class B11285 (22.3%)1080a (22.5%)112a.b (21.3%)31b (16.0%)62a (24.8%)
 Class B21769 (30.6%)1472a.b (30.6%)147b (28.0%)62a.b (32.0%)88a (35.2%)
 Class C1750 (13.0%)638a (13.3%)67a.b (12.8%)15b (7.7%)30a.b (12.0%)
 Class C2190 (3.3%)159a (3.3%)20a (3.8%)7a (3.6%)4a (1.6%)
 Class D-E47 (0.8%)26a (0.5%)14b (2.7%)5b (2.6%)2a.b (0.8%)
  1. CHE Complete higher education, IHE Incomplete higher education, CHS Complete high school, IHS Incomplete high school, CBE Complete basic education, IBE Incomplete basic education. Class A: upper class. Class B1: upper middle class. Class B2: middle class. Class C1: lower middle class. Class C2: lower class. Class D-E: no working. Z-test for proportions. Different letters in the row indicate significant differences (p < 0.05). Chi square test for p value